Catering Menu

**Options for various dietary preferences, food sensitivities or food allergies are available with a minimum 72 hour advance notice.
**All catered food shall be consumed on premises – any food not eaten during the event will remain at Fluffy Fields.
**Customizations are possible by consultation with the Fluffy Fields’ chef.
Menu items (including most of the breads) are made fresh from scratch in the Fluffy Fields’ kitchen! 

CHOOSE: Buffet Style, Family Style, Plated, or Multi-Course


  1.  ANTIPASTO  BOARD-  Beautifully displayed assortment of cured meats, specialty cheeses, pickles, olives, fruit, crudité, nuts, herbs, sauces, spreads, crackers, bread
    • $9 per serving
    • 10 servings = $90
    • 15 servings = $135
    • 20 serings = $180
    • 25 servings = $225
    • 30 servings = $270


Prices are per item, minimum of 20 each


  1. Mini pepper with quinoa tabbouleh and lemon-herb citronette  1.50
  2. Caprese skewer with balsamic  1.50
  3. Smoked salmon on mini toast with lemon-zested cream cheese and dill  3.00
  4. Prosciutto-wrapped pear with goat cheese, honey and rosemary  1.50
  5. Cucumber with tapenade  1.00
  6. Fresh oyster on the half shell with lemons, mignonette and granita  4.00
  7. Classic deviled egg topped with crispy bacon and chive  2.00
  8. Flatbread cracker with roasted garlic and roasted red pepper hummus  1.00
  9. Bruschetta crostini with feta and balsamic   2.00
  10. Mediterranean crostini with grape, olive, goat cheese, honey and rosemary  2.00
  11. Roasted tomato and garlic crostini with fresh mozzarella and balsamic   2.00
  12. Spanakopita pastry triangle with sautéed greens, garlic and cheese  2.00
  13. Caramelized onion tartlet with feta, thyme and honey balsamic  2.00
  14. Crab cake with lemon-dill aioli  3.00
  15. Seared polenta with marinated pork tenderloin and berry jam  3.00
  16. Mini Ruben puff pastry square with horseradish aioli   2.50
  17. Shrimp skewer with garlic-herb beurre blanc   3.00
  18. Bite-size meatball with haskap-bourbon bbq sauce and curly scallions  1.50
  19. Bread basket (10 servings – 2 pieces of bread per serving)   10.00
  20. Cracker Bowl (10 servings – 4 assorted crackers per serving)   8.00
  21. Specialty cheese assortment  3.00
  22. Specialty meat assortment  4.00
    23. Fruit and/or Veggie assortment  3.00

Prices are per item, minimum of 20 (of any one variety)


  1. Petite cream puff with choice of: chocolate silk mousse, lemon curd, or vanilla bean custard  1.50
  2. Mini cupcake with choice of:
    lemon raspberry, chocolate ganache, vanilla bean, carrot cake, or red velvet  1.50
  3. Fruit skewer with assorted fresh fruit  2.00
  4. Apple slices with caramel and pecans  1.50
  5. Chocolate covered strawberry 1.00
  6. Tiny trifle with choice of: vanilla or pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate hazelnut, or salted caramel  2.00
  7. Tartlets with choice of: fruit and vanilla custard, key lime or lemon curd, or praline caramel  2.00
  8. Brownie bite with choice of:
    chocolate peanut butter, lemon, salted caramel, mint chocolate, or fudgy chocolate  1.50
  9. Chocolate truffle with choice of: pecan pie, Baileys salted caramel, St. Croix chocolate, or lemon  2.00
  10. Bite-size assorted bars including brownies  1.00
  11. Mini cookies of assorted varieties  1.00


Prices are per serving, minimum of 20


  1. Blueberry-cream cheese French toast  4.00
  2. Sun-dried tomato, herb and spinach strata  4.00
  3. Classic potato and egg bake with sausage, bacon, bell peppers and cheddar cheese   6.00
  4. Herb and Parmesan-crusted quiche with seasonal veggies   5.00
  5. Chef’s frittata with a variety of meats, cheeses, herbs and veggies   6.00
  6. Baked oatmeal: choice of cranberry maple, apple cinnamon, berry medley, or pumpkin spice   4.00
  7. Fresh fruit  3.00
  8. Muffin: Banana, pumpkin, chocolate chip, rhubarb, blueberry, apple spice, lemon poppy seed   2.50
  9. Pastry options: Fruit filled puff pastry, cinnamon roll, caramel roll, sour cream cinnamon twist,
    croissant, bagel, fruit or poppy seed filled sweet roll  3.50
  10. Coffee cake:  cinnamon crumble, caramel pecan, apple, blueberry or peach crumble   2.50
  11. Juice, coffee   .50


Prices are per serving, minimum of 20


  1. tomato basil, beef and bean chili, beef barley, creamy chicken wild rice, white chicken chili,
    garlic butternut, French onion, roasted red pepper, lentil and spicy sausage, carrot ginger   6.00


  1. Parmesan herb loaf, focaccia, sour dough bread bowl, wheat or white dinner rolls, warm flatbread,
    warm or toasted baguette, honey-wheat unleavened, rustic artisan boule, cornbread biscuits  2.00


  1. Mixed green salad with cucumbers, radishes, scallions, cherry tomatoes, honey Dijon dressing  4.00
  2. Fruit and spinach salad with honey goat cheese and candied nuts, creamy poppy seed dressing  6.00
  3. Fennel and cabbage salad with almonds, scallions, sesame seeds, crunchy noodles, Asian dressing. 4.00
  4. Quinoa tabbouleh (cucumbers, red peppers, fresh herbs) with lemon-herb citronette  5.00
  5. Curried chicken salad with mixed greens and cranberry orange vinaigrette   8.00
  6. Greek pasta salad with cured meats, olives, red onions, feta, balsamic vinaigrette  6.00
  7. Warm lentil and beet salad with goat cheese and seed-spice vinaigrette  7.00


  1. Classic baked russet potato with butter, sour cream and fresh chives  2.00
  2. Garlic butter mashed potatoes   2.00
  3. Potato-leek gratin  3.00
  4. Roasted potato wedges: choose sweet potato or russet potato   3.00
  5. Triple rice pilaf with red/white/brown rice, carrots, onions, garlic, herbs   3.00
  6. Creamy coconut and ginger scented jasmine rice  3.00
  7. Portobello and barley risotto  3.00
  8. Roasted vegetables with herbs and honey balsamic glaze  3.00
  9. Medley of sautéed veggies with lemon butter  3.00
  10. Veggies your way: consult with the Fluffy Fields’ chef about personalized veggie options   3.00
  11. Bacon and brown sugar baked beans  2.00
  12. Chips: potato chips, corn tortilla chips, Chex mix or individual mini variety bags of chips  1.00


Prices are per serving, minimum of 20


  1. Pork loin roulade with roasted red pepper, spinach, goat cheese, chokecherry gastrique   8.00
  2. Grilled 10 oz ribeye steak, topped with choice of sautéed onions, mushrooms, herb butter -Market
  3. Calzone filled with creamy chicken and veggies or marinara and pepperoni/sausage/cheese  10.00
  4. Hot beef with gravy  8.00
  5. Garlic-ginger-soy stir fry with veggies and choice of chicken, steak or shrimp  10.00
  6. Thai coconut curry broth with peppers, onions and choice of chicken, steak or shrimp  10.00
  7. Chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce  8.00
  8. Beef meatballs with choice of haskap bourbon bbq, marinara or Swedish gravy  8.00
  9. Black bean and chorizo enchiladas with red or green salsa  10.00
  10. Prime rib   -Market
  11. Roasted or smoked chicken or turkey, lemon-herb, cajun spice or roasted garlic  8.00
  12. Pulled pork with or without house-made bbq sauce  8.00
  13. Shrimp in lemon-garlic-herb beurre blanc   10.00
  14. Hamburger, bun, pickles, ketchup, mustard   5.00
  15. Hot dog, bun, ketchup, mustard, relish   3.00
  16. Baked penne pasta with mozzarella, marinara meat sauce, Italian herbs  10.00
  17. Fettuccini with garlic alfredo and either chicken or shrimp  10.00
  18. Salmon en papillote (baked in individual parchment packets – plated service only)  10.00 
  19. Steamed mussels in broth of: green curry, wine/herbs, or garlic/ tomatoes (plated service only)  10.00

*Consult with the Fluffy Fields’ chef to plan a customized course meal with (or without) wine pairings.


Prices are per serving, minimum of 20


  1. Cheesecake: vanilla with fruit topping, carrot cake, triple chocolate, brownie swirl, caramel pecan  5.00
  2. Cobbler: peach, apple, strawberry rhubarb, cherry   3.00
  3. Trifle:  brownie, strawberry shortcake, cheesecake mousse w/fruit, lemon lovers, tiramisu   4.00
  4. Pie: apple, cherry, pumpkin, strawberry, coconut cream, banana cream, lemon meringue,
    key lime, chocolate silk   3.00
  5. Layer cake: chocolate, vanilla bean, red velvet, carrot, poppy seed, salted caramel, key lime,
    lemon zest, Mexican chocolate  4.00
  6. Bundt cake: lemon blueberry, chocolate peanut butter, apple sauce, chocolate cream cheese,
    lemon poppy seed, pumpkin swirl   3.00
  7. Cupcake: lemon raspberry, chocolate ganache, vanilla bean, carrot cake, red velvet   3.00
  8. Panna cotta: vanilla bean, mocha, pumpkin, orange cranberry, lemon  3.00
  9. Cream puff: filled with whipped cream, chocolate silk mousse, lemon curd, vanilla custard   3.00
  10. Crème brûlée: Vanilla bean, chocolate crème, expresso crème (plated service only)  5.00
  11. Tart: filled with vanilla custard and fruit, key lime curd, lemon curd, praline caramel   4.00
  12. Tarmisu  (plated service only)   4.00
  13. Vanilla bean ice cream – 1 scoop   1.00


Wine & Beer

  • Fluffy Fields Marquette (red)  - glass 8.00   bottle 28.00
  • Fluffy Fields St Croix (red)   -glass 8.00   bottle 28.00
  • Fluffy Fields Brianna (white)   -glass 8.00   bottle 28.00
    NOTE:  Consult with Fluffy Fields about other wine selections, availability and pricing
  • Wine tasting per one-ounce pour  1.00
  • Wine tasting special: 5 one-ounce tastes plus a Fluffy Fields mini tasting glass   10.00
  • Tap beer (inquire for current selections or to custom order)   -market price per keg
  • Bottle or can (inquire for selections or to custom order)   4.00

Other Beverages

  • Coffee, hot cocoa, lemonade, milk     .50
  • Bottled water, canned soda   1.00


To find the terms & policies for all catered events view the bottom page of the /events/fluffy-fields-event-room/

*This is just a small selection of what we can provide. We do customize catering to satisfy your taste as well as your budget. If you like something that is not listed or have a special theme please ask we can do almost anything.